Saturday, 27 March 2010

Shoe and Handbag Cake!

This was a fun cake to do. But I wasn't sure about making the handbag at the beginning. But at the end I made it with pastillage.

Here is how I made the handbag!

First I made a template like on the picture below. This is my first ever template I did by myself. I wasn't sure whether its going to work or not.

Then I rolled the pastillage to 1/4" thickness and cut the shapes out. You need two each from the shapes no.1 and 2. I put them on a board and left it in the airing cupboard to dry. Here is a photo of the dried cutouts.

Put them together with royal icing. If there is any space between them, fill them with royal icing, and leave it to dry. Once its completely dry, measure the top of the bag and cut a piece of pastillage according that measurements. Let it dry and again attach it with some royal icing.

Then either using sugarpaste or flowerpaste cut the shapes out using the templates and glue them with sugarglue. Make sure you start sticking it from the top and work it down to release any airbubbles. Here is a photo to see.

Then I use the Jem strip cutter to make the handle. Once I've cut the strip, I shpaed it to look like the handle and left it to dry. When its dried, covered it with sugarapaste and left it to dry again.

Then I used FMM shield cutter to make flap of the bad. But you can use anything you fancy. Glue it to the top with a little bit of sugarglue. Once you have done that, you can attach the handle with sugarglue or royal icing. Then I covered the edges by using strips of sugarpaste. But you can use your sugar/clay gun do that.

And here is the end product & hope you like it.