Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Wedding Fair!!!!!

I am delighted to inform all of you that I am exhibiting at the Epsom Downs Racecourse Wedding Fair on the 8th of September. Please do and see my new creations as well as tasting my cakes!!!

Experimenting and Few more cakes......

I am trying out different flavour cupcakes. So this time I wanted to try Banana and Chocolate Chip Cupcakes. It was delicious and my tasting panel approved it too!!!

This was made for a Baby Shower and Birthday Party.

And here is a cake a for a lovely young man who is mad about Sky landers.

It was my eldest son's last year in the primary school.So made these cupcakes for his teachers as well as for my younger son's teachers. They are Pumpkin Spice, Banana & chocolate Chip and Chocolate Orange.  

A christening cake for last Sunday. The customer let me choose the design for the cross and really how it turned out. A very simple cake!!! 

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Christening Cake/Cupcakes....

These were made for a little boy's christening. The accents on the cake and cupcakes are made out of flower paste. 

Another Challenge!!!!!!!!!

This cake was another challenge for me.... but really loved how it turned out!!!! It was for a boys 18th birthday, who wants to be a musician and who's got all the equipment for that...
Here is the sound mixing board!!!


These were ordered by customer for her daughter, who came home after a year's travelling.. hence the flags of the countries she's been to.

And here is another simple cake for a little girl who loves Mickey Mouse!!!!

World Service Wilcock!!!!!!!!!!

Hello my friends...... Its been a while since I was last here....Hope you all are having a good time....

So.... I had this cake request which involved lot of modelling!!! It was a huge challenge but I loved every minute of doing them.. So, here are the list of things that I had to make..... A family - mum, dad, two sons, two black Labradors, two cats, pig and piglets, cockerel, hen, guinea pigs, guinea fowls, pea fowls & bees!!!

And here are the pictures of the cake...