Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas cakes........

 These are my first chirstmas cake order... Here they are marzipaned and ready to be sugarpasted and decorated...

And here are the simply decorated cake...

Cake pops...

I attended a fair at my children's school. Made some cupcakes in few different flavours, cookies and cake pops. I loved making them.... So here they are.....

Recent Cakes...

Hi everyone,

Here are my recent cakes......

This cute girly castle cake was for my god daughter. I made it in record tiem... very last minute!!! But she really loved it!

A pasrcel cake for a very special friend of mine. I surprised her with this cake and she loved it!

A castle cake for a 9 year old boy. I made the turettes with pastillage.

A cake for a boys 18th birthday who loves playing guitar!

Saturday, 3 November 2012


Ok, I have tried making macarons.. and didn't have much luck. So I tried making them this week, using a new recipe, and this time.... success!!!

Here is a picture of my lovely macarons.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Wedding Fair - Stan Hill Court, Gatwick..

I have been busy getting ready for a wedding fair which was at Satn Hill Court, Gatwick. I had a wider selection of cake ideas from funky to traditional, but with colour!

Soo here are the photos of the cakes that I did and hope you all like them..

 Here is my table at the venue. I also had samle pack for anyone who was interested...

The lace dress cake with floating tiers. Love making this. I have used lace moulds and flower cutters. This cake was inspired by a lovely wedding dress I saw.

A retro style cake made using Karen Davies's brooch moulds and ruffle flowers.

A classic birdcage cake for brides who like to have a quite traditional cake.

A simply stunning peony and bling double height cake.

Another quite traditional cake with a seperator and a flower in it. All hand made sugar orchids.

Here is a cake with the bride and groom. I used the billowing technique on the bottom tier and buttons made out of paste using a mould, used in between.

I displayed the bauble cakes on a cupcake stand. And I added some cupcakes, to show that they can use cupcakes instgead of baubles too.

Here is a closeup of the bauble cakes.

Some more photos.....

Here are some photos of the cakes that I did....

Monday, 24 September 2012

Moshi Monster & Jungle theme picture cake...

Last week, I had to make two chidrens birthday cake.

First one was for two boys who are clebrating their birthdays on the same day and who loves Moshi Mosters.

And a closeup of the characters.. Fury & Katsuma...

And here is the second cake that I did for a little boy's 1st birthday. The customer wanted the edible images on the cake and an elephant and a giraffe.

If you like to know how to make this cute little elephant, click here. And if you want to know how to make this fabulous giraffe, click here.

Roses & Hydrangeas..

I was asked to make a 40th birthday cake with Roses and blue Hydrangeas. So I followed an amazing step by step from Petal Sweet Blog by Jacqueline Butler. If you like to have a go at making hydrangeas, click here.

Here is the close up of the flowers before dusting..

And here they are after dusting....

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And here is the finished cake.

Close up of the flower spray...

Friday, 14 September 2012

And more cakes.........

Here are some more cakes........

In this cake I have used the

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hellooooo Again!!!!!!!

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been here for a while. Hope you all had a great summer holidays. I was away during the holidays, so here are some of the cakes that I did before that.

I got an order tomake a beehive cake. Straight away the wonder mould / tiffin tin came to my mind. As I had the wonder mould, I used it to make the beehive. I cut the cake into 4 pieces and rounded the edges one by one and stacked them using buttercream and jam. Here is a close up of the stacked cake.

Here is the decorated cake.

This one was for a gents 80th, who loves going on his exercise bike every morning.

A cake for a Ruby Anniversary.

My eldest son had a pool party this year. So I made pool cake for him. Really enjoyed making it and he loved it too!

And a very quick for a grandmother......

Monday, 28 May 2012

Cakes from last week..

More cakes from last week...

My little girl's 1st birthday and few more cakes...

Here is the number 1 cake that I made for my little girl for her 1st birthday.

More Cakes.........

Here are some more cakes that I did.

The original design for this cake is from Pink Cake Box. The customer loved it so much she wanted the same with different colours. It was such a fun cake to make.