Monday, 11 October 2010

Hi everyone, I will be attending a Wedding Fayre on the 24th of October at Dorking Halls, Dorking. All are welcome and lots of goodies to take away too!!!!!!!!

Dorking Halls
Hope to see you all on the 24th of October...

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Hi everyone, I had two totaly different cakes to do last week. One had to be done in buttercream and a sports themed cake. Here it is,

And the second one was for a girl who loves High School Musical. I loved doing that cake as everything about it was new to me and I learnt loads of things from that. So here is the cake,

Thanks for Looking!!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Model making week!!!!!!!

Hi everyone, this week I have been making few models. I had to make a cake for a lady who loves cleaning and above all who loves Henry the hoover. Here is the photo of the cake and hope you like it too!!!!

And here is a close up of the cake topper.

Then I had to make a figure of a man who has ginger hair. And he was born in Malawi, hence the flag on the cake!

Close up of the figure.

The next cake was a surprice b'day gift to a son from his mother. The lady wanted a chocolate cake, 40 on the top and to be delivered on his son's b'day!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

40th B'day Cake!!!!

Hi everyone, here is a cake that I loved doing and so pleased how the roses came out!!! Hope you all like it too!!!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Few cakes from a busy week!!!

This was a quite simple cake that I did for my friend' dad.

Here is the wedding cake that I did. Went with the bride's colour of the Saree. One cutting cake for the couple and four other cakes to go with it.

Friday, 20 August 2010

A Teddy, A T-Shirt and Winnie the Pooh.

Hi all, Made these this week. Hope you all like them.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Few more cakes!!!!!

I got this order for a little a girls b'day. This is one of Sharon Zambito aka Sugarshack's design. Thank you Sharon for letting me do this cake and for your help. You are just amazing!!!!!

This is for a little girl's christening. Made these booties using sketch from Cake Central.

Close up of the booties.

And last but not least, a 3D Fire Engine cake. 3D cakes are not my favourite, but really pleased with how it turned out.

Some more Cakes!!!

Here are some cakes that I did last few months.

This No.1 cake and the cupcakes wwere for a cute little girl. I couldn't get a good photo of the whole set up as the back ground lighting was poor. But very pleased with the whole set up.

Its been a long time!!!

Hi my dear friends. So sorry I haven't been around much lately as I was away for while.

So, I'll first post the Communion cakes that I did in June.

And this is my son's Communion cake.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Cupcakes & B'day Cakes!!

Here are the cakes that I did for this week. I made these cupcakes for a good friend. These were for her husband.

This is a design that I have done before.

This was for an 8 year old boy, who loves his Beast Quest books.

Friday, 14 May 2010

More Cakes from Last few weeks!!!!

Hi Everyone, sorry haven't updated my blog for a while. Hope you all doing fine!!!! Here are the cakes I did last few weeks.


I made this for a little girl who had a Monster Mash party. Actualy it was a cupcake tower that I did with the ghost cake on the top. One thing I forgot to take with me to the venue was my camera. So I don't have the whole setup to show you all!!!!!!

This next was a ver very quicky!!!!! Never did a cake that fast in my life!!!!!!! It was a very simple design too!


Here is a wedding cake that I did at the begining of this month . They wanted Fuchsia colour and I am really pleased with the end result. Hope you like it too!!

Here is a closeup of the flower sprays.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Shoe and Handbag Cake!

This was a fun cake to do. But I wasn't sure about making the handbag at the beginning. But at the end I made it with pastillage.

Here is how I made the handbag!

First I made a template like on the picture below. This is my first ever template I did by myself. I wasn't sure whether its going to work or not.

Then I rolled the pastillage to 1/4" thickness and cut the shapes out. You need two each from the shapes no.1 and 2. I put them on a board and left it in the airing cupboard to dry. Here is a photo of the dried cutouts.

Put them together with royal icing. If there is any space between them, fill them with royal icing, and leave it to dry. Once its completely dry, measure the top of the bag and cut a piece of pastillage according that measurements. Let it dry and again attach it with some royal icing.

Then either using sugarpaste or flowerpaste cut the shapes out using the templates and glue them with sugarglue. Make sure you start sticking it from the top and work it down to release any airbubbles. Here is a photo to see.

Then I use the Jem strip cutter to make the handle. Once I've cut the strip, I shpaed it to look like the handle and left it to dry. When its dried, covered it with sugarapaste and left it to dry again.

Then I used FMM shield cutter to make flap of the bad. But you can use anything you fancy. Glue it to the top with a little bit of sugarglue. Once you have done that, you can attach the handle with sugarglue or royal icing. Then I covered the edges by using strips of sugarpaste. But you can use your sugar/clay gun do that.

And here is the end product & hope you like it.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Number 1 and a Hobby cake!

This Hobby cake was a joy to make! I really loved making it. It was for a Gent's 90th b'day. His hoobies were Pheasent shooting, Golf, Tennis, Snooker, Bridge and he also had golden labradors. So I had to incorporate all these to a one cake.

Hope you all like it!

I also made a little step by step on how I made the Tennis rackets.

First you need to roll out some white modeling paste to a thin sausage. You also can use your sugarshaper/clay gun to do this.

Then take the two ends and make the frame of the tennis racket like in the below photo. When you have got the correct size you want and if there is any excess, cut it off.

Roll out some more modeling paste to thin sausage shape ( thinner than what you used for the frame) and attach horizontal lines from one side to the other like in the photo. Use sugarglue to attach them.

And do the same verticaly. Then turn it over so it can settle and dry nicely.

Here is the finished rackets. I cover the handles with coloured modeling paste.

Here is the Number 1 cake I made. Winnie the Pooh is shop bought model.