Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Number 1 and a Hobby cake!

This Hobby cake was a joy to make! I really loved making it. It was for a Gent's 90th b'day. His hoobies were Pheasent shooting, Golf, Tennis, Snooker, Bridge and he also had golden labradors. So I had to incorporate all these to a one cake.

Hope you all like it!

I also made a little step by step on how I made the Tennis rackets.

First you need to roll out some white modeling paste to a thin sausage. You also can use your sugarshaper/clay gun to do this.

Then take the two ends and make the frame of the tennis racket like in the below photo. When you have got the correct size you want and if there is any excess, cut it off.

Roll out some more modeling paste to thin sausage shape ( thinner than what you used for the frame) and attach horizontal lines from one side to the other like in the photo. Use sugarglue to attach them.

And do the same verticaly. Then turn it over so it can settle and dry nicely.

Here is the finished rackets. I cover the handles with coloured modeling paste.

Here is the Number 1 cake I made. Winnie the Pooh is shop bought model.

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