Friday, 24 May 2013

Hello Kitty!!!!!

Hello Kitty was ordered for a little girl for her 3rd birthday. I thought I would share how I did it with you all. I baked a 15" X 11" rectangular cake and my friend printed the Hello Kitty picture I chose to that measurements.

Then I cut the picture out and secured it with cocktail sticks on to the cake. Then cut it around it. Once that is done I torte and filled with just butter cream.

I traced the picture to a baking parchment and cut it out. Then I put a thin layer of butter cream and by placing the parchment paper picture on that I traced the the out linings on to the cake. Once that is done I use black butter cream to out like the picture like in the photo.

I made the bow from sugar paste and used yellow sugar paste for the nose as well. 

Then I used a star tip to fill the picture.
And here is the finished cake. 

I also made cupcakes to go with it and used a mould to make the face of Hello Kitty.

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