Saturday, 10 March 2012

How to make a Number 1 Cake....

Hi everyone... I took photos while I did this cake. My mum taught me this method, so all the credit goes to her! Hope you all like it..

First I baked a 7" sqaure cake. Then I torte it twice. You can use any size square cake and follow the same method.

Then I cut a strip, around 3" wide.

I used that strip as the middle part of the number 1 and the bigger piece for the bottom part.

Then I cut two small pieces from each side. So now the width of the bottom piece should be as same as the middle piece.

Then I placed those two small pieces on to the top left hand side of the cake, to make the pointy part of the number 1. Then cut a triangle shape off it.

Here is a photo showing after cutting off the triangle piece.

Then I started filling it. I didn't bother putting the filling to the pointy part, as it was quite small. Once I filled everything, I attached those small pieces with buttercream.

I used a buttercream dam around the edge of the cake before filling the cake.

Then filled it with buttercream....

The second layer went on top of the buttercream filling. Again another buttercream dam around the edge of the cake. And then filled it with Jam..

Then the top layer went.... I wrap the cake in clingfilm and left the it to settle over night.

I covered this cake all in one go. I rolled out some sugarpaste, quite bigger than the cake. Cover the cake and push the paste into the corners first and then start smoothing outside.

Then cut the excess sugarpaste...

I made some balloons and two banners out of flowerpaste. the wordings went on the banners. I covered the board with sugarpaste to look like clothe. Lastly attached the ribbon around the board.

And here is the end product....

Hope you like it!!!!!


  1. This is brilliant! my son is a year in a fw weeks so will be trying this shape method wish me luck!
    what is 'torte twice' in first bit though?

    1. If I am correct, torting is slicing the cake, so you get three layers in this case.

  2. can you please give me the recipe of the cake? it looks perfect!!

  3. My grandson is turning 1 next month and this is the cake his momma wants to make. Thanks for such nice directions. I honestly wouldn't have thought the torte the square cake before making the number.