Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hello Kitty Cake.

Here is a cake that I really loved doing. It was for a little girl's 5th b'day and she loves Hello Kitty!

And here is how I made it!!!!!!!

First I covered a 5" square cake drum in yellow sugarpaste and used Earlene's mat with the dots to imprint it. Then I let it dry overnight. Then added three forget me not flowers towards bottom right hand corner. I also cutout a number 5 from some dark pink flowerpaste and let it dry too....

Then took a ball of white sugarpaste and make it to a cone shape and stood it upright to use it as the body.

Then took two more medium size balls and made two cones out of them and flatten a bit to get the shape of the paws and glued them to the body.

I used the lid of my pastry cutterset box to cutout a circle for the dress as I couldn't find a bigger circle cutter. All the cutters I have are small for the dress.

Then I glued it to the body like this.....

Then I glued the number 5 to the front of the body.

For the hands, again two balls of white sugarpaste, rolled into two sausages and roll a bit more from the middle of each suasage and then flat one end.

Placed the body on the sugarpasted drum and then glued them to the sides of the body, and place them to look like she is holding the number 5. I also inserted a toothpick from the top of the body to attach the head.

To make the head, I rolled out a oval shape white sugarpaste and pinched from top left and right to make the ears.

I used a small ball of yellow sugarpaste for the nose and two tiny black oval sugarpaste for the eyes. I painted the whiskers with black paste with vodka. I made a little bow to go on the right ear.

And attach the head to the body using some sugar glue. And here it is............

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