Tuesday, 8 November 2011

How to make a Cricket Bat Cake....

I started by baking a 7" square chocolate cake. Use what ever cake you fancy. Before I started cutting, I put the cake in the fridge for 30 minutes, so when I cut the cake, there's only little bit of cake crumbs.

Then I cut it in half, one half into half again and another piece from that into half. Have a look at the photo to see what I did...

Then I arranged the pieces to the shape of a bat. The biggest piece to the bottom and the medium piece above that and the thin pieces for the handle.

Then I shaped the square edges a bit to get the curved look. Then cut every piece in half and filled with Ganache buttercream and put the pieces back together and put a layer of ganache buttercream on the top. Then I put it in the fridge to firm up a bit. You don't have to put buttercream. You can straightaway use ganache.

Here is the ganache I made. If you want to have a go at making ganache have a look at this video by Inspired by Michelle.. She also got few more videos and they are amazing!!!

Here is the ganached cake.

Once the ganache is firm, I used hot water and my spatula to make it smooth.

Here is the smoothed cake..

Then I covered the handle with brown sugarpaste and then covered the bat with ivory sugarpaste. Once that is done, I covered the board with green sugarpaste. Then added a thin sausage from sugarpaste around the edge of the bat.

I had some styrofoam balls, so I used one of them to make the ball. I just covered it in red sugarpaste. I glued the ball beside the bat and it was a big mistake. Because I wanted to put the grass with green royal icing, and it was difficult to put the grass around the ball. So make sure you put the grass first and then keep the ball on that...

Here is one with the grass........

I finished it by adding the wordings, an edible image cutout of a Kookaburra logo and a ribbon around the board.


  1. This is remarkable! Thank you for sharing your idea. My 3 year old, whom is cricket mad, has just told me he wants this for his 4th birthday in June.

  2. I love this!!:) what size cake board did you use for this??

  3. Amazing. Appreciate the tutorial as I'm making a similar cake at the end of the month :) How many servings did this cake make? Thanks.