Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Here is my favourite and most enjoyed cake that I have done so far.

As per lot of requests, here is the template for it. I baked two 6" cakes. One is round and the other is a square.

I used the round cake to carve the face. I cut a little piece, slightly angled to get the wider part of the face. I didn't do anything to the height of the cake. Just cut the shape..

Then from the square cake, I carved the body.

After you have removed the three pieces that I have written "discard" from the left top corner, right top corner and right bottom corner, you need to shape it a little bit until you get a nice tear drop hape. Then you cut a piece from the left bottom corner like on the picture, so you can place the head (the narrow part of the face) into possition.

I will post some photos of the cake in progress when I get to do it again.